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With 2 hours drink all you can eat 【Tataki Shabu Shabu course to eat with bonito blue soup (10 items in all)】 \ 5,000 (tax included)

5000 Yen

  • 9items
  • 2persons-
All-you-can-drink available

Reservation deadline
2 days before 13 o'clock on arrival desired date
Available days for reservation
Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

Tightening yourself by making bonito a shabu-shabu, the taste stands out more.Combined with fragrant blue soup, chopsticks are unstoppable.

Course menu

◆ Nira and Shika Top Nut Miso Multipurpose

◆ Tatami matsutake 2 consecutive

◆ Two sashimi sashimi

◆ Salt to eat with blue soup Shatabaki Shabu-shabu

◆ Saba Sushi 1 pierce

◆ Fruit tomato and kettles Shimizu's cheese iron plate egg

◆ Yakiga wing chicken

◆ Surimi surimi

◆ Sesame Sesame Inigiri Chazuke

◆ Yamakita orange sherbet

※ The content varies depending on the season and purchase situation.

All-you-can-drink menu

·draft beer
·non-alcoholic beer
· Baiku bamboo life
· Hot spring · cold wine
· Sake brewery plum wine
· Dabada Fire Burst (Chestnut)
· Rock · water split · carbonation · hot water split · straight
Tosa clan (potato)
· Rock · water split · carbonation · hot water split · straight
· Always wheat.
· Rock · water split · carbonation · hot water split · straight
· Yuzu High Ball · Ginger High Ball · Cork High Ball
· Shochu high
· Yuzuchu High, Adult Yuzu Sho High, Fumiya Shochu High, Kochi Shochu High, Tosa's Ginger Shochu High, Green Tea High
· Cassis Yuzu, Cassis Fumisa, Konishi Cashisfizz, Peach Fumiya, Peach Summer
·Soft drink
· Yuzu (juice · soda), fountain (juice · soda), small summer (juice · soda), ginger ale, oolong tea, hot oolong tea, black oolong tea, cola

2018/12/14 update